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William Faloon

Don't Blame the Doctors

Physicians are under intense criticism for failing to keep up with scientific advances that could lead to better medical treatment. The problem doctors face is that there are too many discoveries being made to stay fully abreast.

The upside to this rapid scientific evolution is that educated patients can investigate their own medical disorders and find solutions beyond what their physician prescribes. The difficulty people encounter, however, is recognizing and applying new findings that reveal superior ways of treating their disease.

The Life Extension Foundation has invested tens of thousands of hours in reviewing the scientific literature in order to update the Disease Prevention and Treatment reference book that we last published in 1999. The labor costs alone for this massive research endeavor are in excess of one million dollars. We allocated these funds because of the critical need to translate overlooked scientific findings into a form that can be understood by physicians and the lay public.


The result of our efforts is the most comprehensive reference book ever published about what physicians are NOT doing to optimally treat their patients. The fact that this book contains over 1,500 pages is evidence that the medical establishment has failed to implement many documented methods to better prevent and treat disease.

It is unfair to blame doctors for not knowing what is contained in the new Disease Prevention and Treatment book. Physicians are busy seeing patients all day and could not possibly spend the time to methodically research every one of these diseases. Life Extension, on the other hand, retained a dedicated staff that spent three years researching, analyzing and writing up the individual treatment protocols featured in this latest edition. We know that many physicians will use the new Disease Prevention and Treatment as a reference guide to enhance the quality of care delivered to their patients.

Saving cancer patient's lives

The Life Extension Foundation has been at the forefront in raising public awareness about the inadequacies of cancer research and the failure of oncologists to incorporate therapies that are proven to enhance patient survival.
Scientists have identified many ways of controlling cancer cell propagation, but little of this new technology is being used in the clinical practice of medicine. When a scientific discovery is made, drug companies spend years seeking a patent and then more years carrying it through the bureaucratic approval process. The reason why so many cancer patients continue to die is an antiquated regulatory system that causes potential therapies to be delayed or suppressed altogether.

The Leading Cause of Unnecessary Death

The rapid advances in the biomedical sciences are both frightening and encouraging. The horrifying fact is that people are dying because their doctors are not able to keep up with the latest treatment breakthroughs. The reassuring aspect is that patients can educate themselves in a way to better work with their physicians to mitigate or cure lethal diseases. When a patient and physician work together as an enlightened team, life-saving miracles can occur as opposed to needless suffering and fatality.

The leading cause of death in the United States is medical ignorance. We don't mean this in a derogatory manner, but it has become impossible for any one individual, physician or scientist to know ALL there is about a particular disease.

The Life Extension Foundation assembled a network of dedicated researchers to meticulously review scientific journals from around the world in order to identify improved methods of treating common diseases. The findings from these literature searches were methodically reviewed and summarized into individual disease treatment "protocols." There are 121 prevention and treatment protocols in the 2003 edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment. This new edition also contains a ferocious attack on what's wrong with today's medical establishment and how this mangled system can be reformed to save human lives.

We have expectations that the new Disease Prevention and Treatment book will initiate a medical renaissance, where physicians will rapidly apply new scientific findings in order to alleviate human suffering and needless death. If our outlook turns out to be overly optimistic, we will have at least provided Life Extension members with a practical guide to preserving their own precious health.


Life Extension is breaking down the artificial barriers that are denying effective therapies to cancer patients. The new Disease Prevention and Treatment book reveals what doctors are failing to do to keep their cancer patients alive. While this book covers far more diseases than just cancer, it does provide specific recommendations on what drugs a cancer patient should demand from their oncologist and also discusses complimentary approaches that could further enhance the efficacy of these conventional treatments.

Why every Foundation member needs this book

People join The Life Extension Foundation seeking innovative solutions to maintain or reclaim their good health. While Life Extension magazine provides an abundance of novel findings, if you suffer from a difficult-to-treat disorder(s), you need explicit information that pertains specifically to your disease. The 2003 edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment provides step-by-step protocols that disclose what progressive physician-scientists are recommending to combat common illnesses.

If Life Extension could afford to, we would send a free copy of the 2003 edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment to all members because it provides vital information that confers enormous health benefits. Instead, we are sharply discounting the cover price to Foundation members, so that every member can easily attain one.

Based on the enormity of data contained in the new Disease Prevention and Treatment book, profit-hungry publishers have suggested that the cover price should be in excess of $100.00. This book, however, was not painstakingly researched and written solely to make a "profit." The primary objective of Disease Prevention and Treatment is to get this life-saving information into the hands of as many human beings as possible.

We therefore choose a cover price of $49.95. On a cost-per-word basis, this may be the least expensive scientific textbook ever offered. If a member orders by July 31, 2003, the price is discounted to $24.98- a 50% savings. If a member wants to share this information with those they care about, they can order four or more books and pay only $22.00 per copy.

To read more about the novel information published in the 2003 edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment, refer to the article in this month's issue entitled Bridging the Gap Between Science and Medicine.

For 23 consecutive years, The Life Extension Foundation has been educating its members about validated methods of preventing and treating disease.

Our track record demonstrates that we have consistently been ahead of conventional and alternative medicine. The new edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment provides the greatest volume of novel information ever compiled into a medical textbook. We believe it could save the lives of millions of human beings who would otherwise succumb to medical ignorance.

For longer life,


William Faloon